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Civil Process Service

Service of Process for Complaints, Summons, and other court documents to be served on an individual.

Business Standard Service $60.00
Personal Service – Guardianship$60.00
Personal Service – Pro Se $75.00
Personal Service – Long Distance Service $130.00
National Service – Standard$150.00

Eviction Services

A-Z Eviction Services, we can just do the notices, or the whole process as needed.

Eviction Notices – Owners, Landlords$50
Eviction Notices – Business Service$40
Eviction Notices – Distance (Parhump)$130.00
Eviction Notices – Distance (Indian Springs) $130.00
Eviction Bundle$585.00

Legal Support Services

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Paralegal Services$80.00/hr
Legal Running$30.00
Court Filing Service $20.00
Color Scanning & Digitizing $0.50
Volume B&W Printing $0.15/pg

Dave is competent, caring and professional. He went above and beyond what was expected and kept me informed through every step of the eviction of neighbors, who were running an illegal business and were a chronic nuisance. You can trust him to do the job while staying in communication throughout the entire process. He was so thorough and truly exceeded our expectations.

— Alexis Poelman

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